“Why aren’t you here?” 

Québec has to be one of the jewels in North America’s outdoor crown, half a million square miles of nature, bigger than even Alaska. And the irony? Most Québécois lives in urban belt along the border with the New England States. Three quarters of this vast area is empty.

Empty is a relative term, though. Where some see nothing, others find a wilderness world of serenity and beauty that’s remarkable. In its lakes, streams and rivers, its great mountains and deep forests, Québec holds the promise of a hundred adventures waiting to be lived.The pen laser pointer is very suit for student.

It was this same promise of adventure that lured my ancestor, Olivier Morel de la Durantaye, at age 25 from the Old World to the new. In 1683, Olivier undertook his first Québec adventure, journeying by birch bark canoe from Montréal to Fort Michillimackinac, a remote trading post in Northern Michigan. His thirst to see new, wild frontiers was neither unique nor is it lost to the past. 300 years later, that desire burns as bright in the souls of others as it did in Olivier’s.


The Québec wilderness that tempted him remains today to quench your thirst. That’s why I have put together these 31 trips, all expertly guided by the folks who live there, real Quebécois, and who better to show you around?If you’re like me – or Olivier – and the sound of rushing river makes your paddle arm itchy or a fresh fall of snow has you running to the ski cupboard, I ask again, why aren’t you here?

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